Shari M. Goodstein

Practice Areas
Representation of Executives
Shari represents executives in the financial services, IT, retail, healthcare, transportation, fitness, and non-profit, among other sectors, including helping them:

  • Negotiate lucrative severance terms
  • Negotiate employment contracts
  • Negotiate non-competes and other restrictive covenants
  • Negotiate reasonable accommodations of their disabilities
  • Litigate disputes over non-competes and executive compensation
Representation of Employers
  • Shari advises employers regarding all aspects of employment law, including, e.g., discipline and terminations, reasonable accommodation requests, wage and hour obligations, and entitlement to FFCRA, FMLA and other leaves.
  • She drafts and revises employee handbooks, contracts and policies
  • Shari performs internal investigations of employee complaints
Workplace Investigations

Shari conducts investigations of alleged workplace misconduct for private companies and for non-profits, including, e.g., investigating complaints of:

  • Unlawful discrimination, harassment and failure to investigate
  • Alleged wage and hour violations, including misclassifications as independent contractor
Litigation and Arbitration
  • Successfully arbitrated disputes over employment contracts, including over enforcement of non-competes, stock options, and terminations for cause
  • Successfully litigated disputes among shareholders of closely held companies (‘corporate divorces’), including through jury verdict.
  • Advises clients about effective and creative strategies to resolve disputes to avoid litigation, resolve on-going cases, and effectively and efficiently litigate disputes